Brook Trout Retreat: 2011

Greg Senyo’s PA Trout Retreat
Over the past 11 days Greg Senyo and I had the pleasure of hosting three groups of anglers at Greg’s brook trout paradise in the Allegheny Mountains of Pennsylvania. Plenty of larger than average brookies were hooked, lost and landed. What a trip!

Group 1 Dave, Len, Dick & Bill
This is what we came for! Allegheny Brookies

Gotta love the dry dropper!

After seeing the previous days photos Dave, Len and Bill unpacked pretty quick

Several Michigan Ale’s were consumed during our time in PA

Bill with a solid PA Brook Trout

Greg poses with Dave for a quick grip and grin.

Senyo showing off his small creekin skills

Dr. Len with a called shot “Wild Flower” Pool beauty

Dick with one of several nice brookies he put in my Fisknat

Bill wins the smallest fish of the trip award
The first group had ideal conditions… The creek was dropping after a short highwater period and sunshine was non existant for nearly three straight days. The overcast conditions worked in our favor.

Group 2 Jesse, Tyler, Gary & Ralph demonstrating the Brookie “Game Face”
After 4 days of overcast conditions and rain group 2 rolled into town with sunshine in tow.

Tyler scores his first trout on a Scott A3 3wt. The cork will never be the same!

Gary and I with a colored up Brookie

The super rare TIGER TROUT!
Half Brookie Half Brown
1 in a 1,000,000

Ralph and I pose with his 13″ Trophy Tiger… Congrats!!!

Ralph working a productive bucket while I work with my new camera

Greg holds one of Jesse’s nice trout

Can you tell who sold them their gear?

Afternoon shot of the Allegheny Mountains

Gary with his first trout on a fly! 15″ brookie is a great way to start

Bob from PA with a nice afternoon trout

Flip scores the “Bridge” fish! We had a bounty on this one for nearly 10 days.

After a night of heavy rain fall the river was down to 12″ of viz. It sure helped the streamer bite.

Greg and I plan on hosting several of these trips next spring.

The lodging and fishing is limited to 4 anglers per group

For more info check out Greg’s operation at

Give me a shout 734-546-7723 or shoot me a email any time

Tight Lines,


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