Travel FAQ

Thank you for booking with Schultz Outfitters. It is our goal to provide you with the fly fishing experience of a lifetime. Please read this letter carefully as it contains many details to help prepare you for your trip.

About Schultz Outfitters
Schultz Outfitters was founded by Mike Schultz in 2003. In 2012, we opened the area’s most comprehensive fly shop, which serves as the hub for our guide and educational programs. Today, Schultz Outfitters is the longest standing, largest, and most respected fly fishing only, catch and release guide service operating in southeast Michigan. With over 100+ years of fly-fishing experience, we work hard to make your day with us one that you will not soon forget.

Guided Fly Fishing Programs
Schultz Outfitters (SO) guides anglers for smallmouth bass, carp, pike, and steelhead year round. We fish a number of southeast Michigan rivers and impoundments, with unique programs to suit anglers of all ability levels. Popular options are outlined below. We also provide world-class steelhead fishing in Ohio and Pennsylvania through our exclusive partnership with Steelhead Alley Outfitters.

Huron River Programs
The Huron River flows 125 miles from its origin in Oakland County to the mouth at Lake Erie. We concentrate our guiding upstream of Dexter, through Ann Arbor, to Ypsilanti. For migratory species, we also fish below Flat Rock to the river mouth. For an urban river, the Huron is a real gem – offering outstanding fly fishing in a scenic environment. Much of its range flows through a series of metro-parks. Here is a breakdown of what to expect from the fishery based on the three main species we pursue:

  • Smallmouth – Our smallmouth season is open to catch and release fly fishing year round. Spring high water offers your best chance for a trophy, while the complex hatches provide great top-water opportunities through the summer.
  • Carp – While some view fly fishing for carp as a “fad,” the SO crew has been chasing these fish for over a decade. Carp are plentiful in the Huron and sight fishing for 10+ pound fish is an experience not to be missed. In June, carp line up to feast on berries falling into the river. The “berry hatch” is truly unique and the only opportunity to consistently catch carp on a dry fly that we’re aware of.
  • Pike / Musky – Beginning in mid-fall, pike fishing becomes a viable option. Fishing the numerous impoundments of the Huron River, as well as the lower reaches, is an excellent opportunity to learn how to pursue these toothy critters with a fly. The lower river has a solid pike population with the occasional musky encounter.

Huron river trips are offered in both full and half-days. While most people prefer the comfort of fishing out of our fleet of drift boats and rafts, walk and wade trips are also available for folks looking to explore the river on foot.

“Off the Grid” Trips
Off the Grid fly fishing trips introduce you to the spectacular fly fishing opportunities and the beauty of southeast Michigan rivers. In general, these rivers are all located within a 40 to 80 minute drive from our shop in Ypsilanti.

Off the Grid trips primarily target smallmouth, with the opportunity for pike and carp along the way. Our season gets going late February and continues into December. March through June offer your best opportunity for true trophy smallmouth in the 20″ class or better. In the summer, sight fishing and top-water are the name of the game. Due to predictable weather, stable flows, and abundant fish, summer also provides the best opportunity for those just getting into fly fishing. Fall in Michigan brings mild weather, changing colors, and an influx of baitfish. Depending on the river and weather patterns, streamer fishing as well as top-water techniques are used.

Huron River Half Day (1 or 2 persons)
Price $300
Deposit Amt $100

Huron River Full Day (1 or 2 persons)
Price $450
Deposit Amt $100

Off the Grid Trip, Full Day Only (1 or 2 persons)
Price $450
Deposit Amt $100

Half day trips include 4 hours of guided fishing, a light snack and beverages. Full day trips run 8 hours, and include lunch and beverages.

Please keep in mind that while a full day is 8 hours, this is 8 hours on the water…plus additional time for travel. A full day commitment really is a full day, however as previously mentioned we can do our best to help accommodate for time constraints.

Payment and Cancellation Policy
A deposit of $100 is necessary to secure your trip date and guide. Your date is NOT reserved until your deposit has been placed through the shop. A credit card number will remain on file until the conclusion of your trip.

Your remaining balance is due on the day of your trip, payable directly to your guide in the form of cash or check, made out to your guide. If a credit card will be used for full payment, please indicate that at the time of booking. Deposits should be submitted to Schultz Outfitters. Checks can be made out and sent to: Schultz Outfitters, 4 East Cross St. Ypsilanti, MI 48198. To pay by credit card, please call the shop at 734-544-1761.

Schultz Outfitters may elect to cancel or reschedule any trip due to adverse weather or fishing conditions. Should we decide to cancel your trip, your deposit will be applied to another date of your choosing. Deposits will NOT be refunded. If you need to cancel your trip for any reason when the assigned guide would have planned to be on the water, your deposit will be forfeited, in addition to assessing a $100 cancellation fee.

This is a topic that many inquire about, thus we like to include it for those who don’t know what is standard and customary. Within the fly fishing industry, a 15-20% tip is considered standard. Tips are considered a gauge of how one has serviced their clients on any given day, much like a waiter or waitress in a restaurant. If a guide does not meet expectations during the day, then tips may be lower than standard thus telling the guide that he did not do a good job or go above and beyond. On the flip side, many will tip higher amounts to a guide who goes above and beyond the level of expectation, helping them to have an extremely good or memorable day on the water. Overall, it is good to know that tips, while not mandatory, are customary and very much appreciated by any guide who is working hard to make your day the best it could possibly be.

Your Guide Coordinator
Your Guide Coordinator is here to help answer any questions leading up to your trip and ensure your day goes smoothly. They are available at any time by calling (888) 453-5899 or emailing While we likely discussed these items when you booked your trip, here are some items important for us to know:

  •  Number of anglers in your party (1 or 2)
  •  Where you are coming from (local clients) or where you are staying (out of town guests)
  •  Any dietary restrictions or food preferences
  •  Left-hand or right-hand retrieve preference (both anglers if applicable)
  •  Any time constraints for your day (ex. “Must be home by 8:00pm)

Your Guide
Your guide will be assigned shortly after your deposit is received. You can expect your guide to contact you via email one week before your trip. They will exchange contact information and answer any questions you may have. Due to the characteristics of our watersheds, meeting times, location, as well start times will NOT be set until 24 to 48 hours before your scheduled date. We strive to put you on the best water at the best time. We are not an 8am to 4pm guide service. Last minute start times and fishing location changes are at times recommended, so please take the advice of your guide in these instances.

While we understand that everyone is excited to discuss their fishing trip with their guide, we respectfully request that you address questions leading up to your trip with your guide trip coordinator. During peak season, your guide is likely spending 12+ hours a day on the water, in transit, or preparing for the next day’s trip. In transit phone reception is often spotty, and during the day, guides are not answering phones/email while on the water with clients. Therefore, it is your coordinator’s job to answer all your questions, and work closely with your guide to ensure a quality fly fishing experience.

You are responsible for lodging. BEFORE BOOKING, speak to your guide to determine which area you will most likely be fishing. Below are a few of the lodging options we recommend in the Ypsilanti/Ann Arbor Area.

  • Holiday Inn Express & Suites – 323 N Zeeb Rd, Ann Arbor, MI 48103  To receive the Schultz Outfitters Holiday Inn Express & Suites corporate rate, click here.
  • Weber’s Inn – 3050 Jackson Rd, Ann Arbor, MI 48103
  • Marriott at Eagle Crest – 1275 S Huron St, Ypsilanti, MI 48197

Traveling with a group? Contact for lake front home rentals.

For additional lodging recommendations or special circumstances, please call us at 734-544-1761.

Meeting Time and Location
Meeting times will most often be between 8am and 11am depending on the time of year and species you are planning on targeting. This time will be clarified by your guide the DAY before your trip. Please have any gear required for your trip with you that day and be at the designated meeting place by the assigned time.

Emergency/Contingency Plans
In the event of an emergency or other circumstance that prevents you from reaching the meeting
place on time, please contact your assigned guide immediately.

Weather and Clothing
It is always best to check the weather forecast prior to your trip. Michigan weather can be unpredictable and quickly change from one extreme to another. In the summer months, your primary concern should be staying comfortable while ensuring you are protecting yourself from the sun. In spring and fall, it is best to wear layers. Make sure to pack rain gear!

If you have any questions about appropriate clothing, please call Schultz Outfitters at 734-544-1761 for a recommendation.

What to Bring
Your guide will supply you with all equipment and flies necessary. You need only to bring yourselves and a short list of necessities detailed below. If you wish to use your own equipment, please consult with your assigned guide. As an outfitter, we run a very specific program and the right equipment can make a big difference at the end of the day. The guide may insist you utilize the provided equipment.

Required 

  • Valid Michigan Fishing License 
  • Polarized sunglasses with copper or amber lens
  • Billed hat
  • Rain gear

Highly Recommended

  • Sunblock, sun mask, and sun gloves 
  • Spare change of clothes in a dry bag 
  • Low light glasses such as Costa Sunrise or Smith Ignitor
  • Shoes you don’t mind getting wet such as Simms Rip Rap, or best of all a pair of sandals or flip flops. NO STUDDED wading boots in the boats!

Please keep in mind that while our boats can more than comfortably accommodate two anglers and a guide, there is a limited amount of storage space. Please keep extra items to a minimum and leave your fishing vest at home.

Selecting the Right Gear
For help selecting the appropriate flies and gear for your trip, please contact us at 734-544-1761. Schultz Outfitters features the best selection of smallmouth, carp, and steelhead gear in the Great Lakes and a staff that’s fished the all over Michigan, as well as Steelhead Alley for years. We offer great advice, fair prices, fast and free shipping, and customer service that’s second to none.

Looking for flies that catch smallies on a daily basis? Check out the shop or give us a call at 734-544-1761 to ask about our full selection. Payments can be made by phone and your guide can bring them to you the day of your trip, or they can be shipped to your home for your convenience.

In Conclusion
Thank you again for booking with Schultz Outfitters. We look forward to having you out on the water soon. While your guide will be in touch a week prior to your trip, please don’t hesitate to contact our booking coordinator at (888) 453-5899 or for any questions in the meantime. See you on the river!

Mike Schultz and the Schultz Outfitters Team