The Ultimate Saltwater Flats Fishing Clinic with Capt. Bruce Chard!

August 15th, 9 am – Noon

Only 8 spots are available. The cost is $199 and you must RSVP with payment in full at the time of booking!

Strap on your helmet, buckle your seatbelt, and prepare to get your learn on!  Join Capt. Bruce Chard and his 30 years of saltwater fly fishing, guiding and instructional experience in a hands-on learning experience that will cover aspects that are vital to becoming a true saltwater fly angler.

Experience an in-depth breakdown of all things salt in this valuable saltwater flats fishing “how-to” seminar.  Hosted by one of the top saltwater fly fishing instructors in the industry, International Federation of Fly Fishers Master Certified Casting Instructor Capt. Bruce Chard will host you on a journey deep into the world of technical saltwater fly fishing.  Jump on board and experience a vast understanding of the most important technical aspects needed to make the jump from a common fly fisherman to a successful and knowledgeable saltwater fly angler.

Topics Include:

  • Casting Techniques – Learn about casting techniques that are needed to do battle with the strong tropical winds and how to make the vitally important straight-line presentation
  • Presentation Techniques – Learn where to put the fly and why.  Learn about both the primary presentation and the secondary presentation along with paying attention to light angles levels and other aspects that change constantly
  • Line Maintenance – Control what you have the ability to control. Learn the value of line maintenance from A -Z
  • Slack Control – The #1 reason why anglers do not get the bite is lack of slack control. Learn how to regulate slack from the get go and stay in the game increasing your odds of hearing that drag rip
  • Fly Line and Leader Breakdown – Understanding how the different fly line tapers and leader designs can make all the difference in your ability to make a slack-less natural presentation to the fish
  • Situational Awareness – Learn what to pay attention to at all times.  Learn about given variables that are changing constantly. Boat speed and direction movement, tidal flow direction and speed, water and fish depths, fish speed and movements
  • Fish Fighting Techniques – How to apply the needed angles of pressure on big saltwater fish
  • Hook Setting Techniques – Learn about the different hook setting techniques for different species and why they differ
  • It’s a Sport – Learn about how your stance and athletic ability can make all the difference in every saltwater fly-fishing situation

Call the shop at 734-544-1761 to RSVP, If you have payment info on file at the shop you can hit us up at