Demo Days 2017 Classes

Saturday, June 3rd 

Intermediate Spey with Tom Larimer
10am to 1:30pm; $60
*Includes $60 G Loomis credit

Beginner Spey with Jeff Liskay & Will Turek
10am to 2pm; $60
*Includes $60 Scott credit

Double Haul with Ben Hunting
10am to Noon; $25
*Includes $40 Sage or Redington credit

Double Haul with Jerry Darkes
2pm-4pm;  $25
*Includes $40 ScottRoss, or Abel credit

ORVIS Fly Fish 101 with Doug Bear & Jay Wisnosky
11am to 1pm or 3pm to 5pm; $25
*Includes $40 ORVIS Credit

Musky: The Essentials with Blane Chocklett
2:30pm to 5pm; $40
*Includes $50 TFO credit

Sunday, June 4th

Micro Spey for Trout & Smallies with Tom Larimer
11am to 2:30pm; $60
*Includes $60 G Loomis credit

Great Lakes Skagit with Will Turek & Jeff Liskay
11am to 2pm; $60
*Includes $60 Scott credit

Double Haul with Jerry Darkes
Noon to 2pm Limited to 4 slots; $25
*Includes $40 ScottRoss, or Abel credit

ORVIS Fly Fish 201 
Noon to 2pm; $25
*Includes $40 ORVIS Credit

NOTE: Rod, reel, and proper lines provided for ALL beginner level courses.

Fly Tying Classes

There are few experiences as rewarding as catching a fish on a fly you tied. We offer beginners classes to even novice tiers who’ve never picked up a bobbin how to quickly tie a few very effective flies. You’ll learn basic tying skills you can draw upon as you move to more advanced patterns.

For the more advanced tier, we offer special “Single Shot” classes with team members and special guests. Most of these classes are focused on a single topic – usually a species or a new pattern – intended to give participants new skills and insight into fly design and construction. Please check back on this page as classes are added on a regular basis.