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Michigan Guide Trips

At Schultz Outfitters our goal for guide trips is simple – Offer our clients proven unique angling programs on low pressured waters. Then do everything possible to ensure a great day on the water.  Whether chasing finicky carp, trophy river smallmouth bass, or working the big waters of the great lakes and its connecting waterways, we provide unforgettable experiences daily.

All of our guides use the latest current model equipment. From skiff-style drifters, to jet boats, and great lakes worthy watercraft, our customers are always comfortable and most importantly safe. On rare occasions remote waters may require the use of rafts to access – don’t worry, we’ve got that covered, too!

We hire the best of the best guides for both customer attentiveness and “fishiness” – these are hardcore anglers who all fish on their days off. If you’re looking to gain new skills, or learn different techniques, our crew is second to none.

Waters We Fish

Huron River

The Huron River is located just minutes for Metro Detroit, and is truly a gem of a Smallmouth stream.  Flowing 125 miles from its origin in Oakland County, to the mouth at Lake Erie, the Huron is a varied and productive fishery. Schultz Outfitters is the only full-time guide service working the entire Huron River watershed.

Accessibility is easily found throughout the river.  This designated Blue Ribbon Smallmouth stream fishes well from March through November. Although streamer patterns take the lion’s share of trophy fish each year other techniques have their time and place. Even though the river has gained popularity with fly anglers over the past 20 years we’ll help you find solitude between its banks. There are areas where you would swear you were up north, but you’re just minutes from home.

The Huron has something for everyone; whether it’s pitching streamers into cover, fishing big bugs in the dark, or sight fishing terrestrials in crystal clear water. You owe it to yourself to spend and day (or days) exploring the Huron. We target smallmouth bass, carp, pike, muskie, and steelhead.

“Off the Grid” Water

If you take a look at a map of southern Michigan, you will quickly see we have a lot of water!  With hundreds of miles of floatable water within striking distance you can be assured we have our fingers on the pulse of what’s happening!  If you’re willing to make a true full day commitment, we will show you some amazing water.  Our guide staff currently work a dozen unique rivers located in Michigan and northern Indiana.

Lake St. Clair
Your day will be spent on a Vexus DVX20 with a Mercury pro XS300 and Humminbird electronics.
• Smallmouth Bass (early spring-late fall)
• Detroit River Walleye (spring run only)
• Detroit River White Bass (spring run only)
• Muskie (Advanced anglers only)
Our smallmouth can be targeted in a variety of ways on fly and conventional tackle, depending on the time of year. We have good success on fly in the spring, fishing small/medium-sized baitfish patterns on an intermediate or full sinking line. However, the majority of the time is spent using a variety of conventional tackle techniques.
White bass fishing on the Detroit River is typically action-packed. These fish will eat just about any fly or lure thrown at them and are a great way to get young kids into good numbers of fish.

Walleye trips are run on the Detroit River during the spring run only. We will be targeting these fish primarily by vertical jigging with soft plastic baits.

Muskie can be targeted starting first Saturday in June all the way up until ice up, come late fall. Both fly and conventional tackle techniques are used depending on the time of year as well as the anglers’ physical fitness level.

Destination Travel

For the past two decades, the Schultz Outfitters Team have put together unforgettable hosted fly-fishing trips throughout the Great Lakes, across North America, and around the globe. We try to combine client favorites, with exciting fresh opportunities to see pristine waters, chase new species, and have once in a lifetime experiences.

From giant Louisiana redfish, Montana trout, hunting monster Muskie in Wisconsin’s Northwoods, trophy smallmouth bass in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula- and SO much more!  Get in touch if you are interested in a hosted fly fishing get-a-way.


March- April: Early season pre-spawn Smallmouth. This is the window to catch the largest bass and is your best shot at a trophy caliber fish in the 20-to-21-inch class on streamer. Over the past 10 years we’ve pioneered cold water river smallmouth angling on fly.  This time of year is highly predictable.  Once water temps hit the 40 degrees mark it’s full game on!

May – June: The slay days of May!  May brings water temps in the 50’s which means options.  Smallmouth can be caught from top to bottom using a variety of techniques including visual swim fly presentations, frogs, and classic popper fishing.  If you’re into catching numbers of fish with mature fish in the high teens or larger the May – June window is the time!  This is the busiest time of year for our guides, most dates are booked well in advance.

July – August: Summer Smallmouth… What’s not to love! Top water is the name of the game during this window. Boogle bugs to floating minnows to foam terrestrials. With opportunities to fish evening hatches including the Hexagenia and Ephoron Mayflies.  If you’re into visual eats in the way of confident sips this is your window.  Water levels tend to be stable and clear at this time making for very predictable angling.

September – October:  Transition time!  Where some watersheds shine others get stale. It’s all about water levels and the presence of baitfish. The early Fall FLUX period can leave you scratching your head, especially if you’re an occasional angler that doesn’t have your finger on the pulse. The good news is we do!  This window is all about location… location… location.

November – December: As the day light hours get shorter and temps drop Smallmouth move into their winter haunts where they will remain for the next 4 to 5 months. The bite window becomes extremely important, you need to be at the right place at the right time. During this window fish are podded up. Lighter tippets, crisp presentations, and flies fished thoughtfully is the difference maker.  Some of the largest fish of the year are caught during this window.

Trip Pricing Options

Schultz Outfitters – Michigan Rivers
Full Day $500
Half Day $350

Lake St. Clair Guide Trip
Payment and Rates (1-2 anglers)
Full Day Lake St. Clair/Detroit River/ St. Clair River (1-2 anglers) $600

Half Day Lake St.Clair/Detroit River/ St.Clair River (1-2 anglers) $450

*3rd angler can be accommodated for an additional $100

4 Hour “Get Started” Fly Fishing Lessons
1 Student $200
Additional students $50 – 4 Student Maximum per instructor

2 Hour “Advanced Casting” Fly Fishing Lessons

1 Student $125
Additional students $50

Half day trips include 4 hours of guided fishing.
Full Day Trips include 8 hours of guided fishing.

 Please keep in mind that while a full day is 8 hours, this is 8 hours on the water, plus additional time for travel. A full day commitment really is a full day, however as previously mentioned we can do our best to help accommodate for time constraints.

We require a deposit of $100, per day in order to secure a reservation for any guide trip. Once your deposit has been received your date(s) will be secured. A credit card to ensure final payment will be required at the time of booking.

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Schultz Outfitters may cancel or reschedule any trip due to adverse weather or fishing conditions; we do not cancel for rainy days. Should we decide to cancel your trip, your deposit will be applied to another open date of your choosing. Deposits will not be refunded.

If you cancel your trip for any reason when the assigned guide would have planned to be on the water, your deposit will be forfeited, in addition to assessing a $100 cancellation fee ($200 total). If a date is cancelled within 30 days, the full amount of the trip will be charged in full via credit card on file. All cancellations must be made in writing via your guide’s email address.

*Weather/Water cancellations are strictly at the guide’s discretion and are made to ensure a safe, successful trip.