Waters We Fish

Huron River
The Huron River is located just minutes from Metro Detroit, and is truly a gem of a Smallmouth stream. Flowing 125 miles from its origin in Oakland County, to the mouth at Lake Erie, the Huron is a varied and productive fishery. Schultz Outfitters is the only full time fly fishing guide service working the entire Huron River watershed.

Accessibility is easily found in prime fly-fishing locations. This designated Blue Ribbon Smallmouth stream fishes well from February through November. Although streamer patterns take the lion’s share of fish each year other techniques have their time and place. Even though the river has gained popularity over the last 10 years we’ll help you find solitude between its banks. There are areas where you would swear you were up north, but you’re just minutes from home.

The Huron has something for everyone; whether it’s pitching streamers into cover, fishing big bugs in the dark, or taking advantage of wonderful dry fly fishing. You owe it to yourself to spend a day (or days!) exploring the Huron. We target smallmouth bass, pike, muskie, steelhead, and some other “bonus” species.

“Off the Grid” Water
These are the secret spots. The places we fish on our days off. Some are hard to access, others no one has thought to fly fish. You probably won’t see another angler all day and you might come home with some epic tales. Give us a call or stop by the shop to learn more.

Steelhead Alley
They don’t call the tributaries along the south shore of Lake Erie “Steelhead Alley” for no reason. The Vermilion, Conneaut, Grand, Chagrin, Rocky, and several other streams make up this tremendously productive fishery. Through our partnership with Steelhead Alley Outfitters we’re able to introduce you to these amazing waters with epic numbers of fish. We fish both the Fall run from October-December and the Spring spawning run from March-May. Our primary focus is the rivers in the state of Ohio, but we can get you onto waters in other states in the Alley.